Thursday, 30 August 2012

CPD 23 Thing 1

I'm embarking on CPD 23 a bit late - is it possible to complete all tasks in a very short time? Well, my aim is to set aside a chunk of time each week, using lunchtime, some evenings and my journey to work to reflect on what I have learned.

I love information, I love books. I like people. I know I have a knack of finding just the right piece of information (I am also very good at finding lost items). I know how to totally immerse myself in the subject areas in which I work.  But - why do I not feel like a librarian? This is the question that I'm hoping to find the answer to during the course of CPD 23. I feel that I have neglected my professional development because I have focused too much on the subject areas and the related information. I have tried in the past to become involved in professional activities but have always left events/talks/groups with a feeling that I am either a total fraud or in the wrong profession altogether. Now, thanks to a new manager, who introduced me to CPD23, I am hoping to change the way I feel, learn some new skills and find out what everybody else in library land is up to.

Looking at the tasks ahead they seem reassuringly fun - not a cataloguing rule in sight.I am sure I will go back to my first blog post, and the blog as a whole, and cringe, but for now I am feeling quite excited.

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